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Michel Cleis - La Mezcla [2009, vinyl, cadenza 34]

24 march 2009
lbl: Cadenza
#: Cadenza 34
house, tech-house, minimal
mohs hubscale: chrysoberyl

A1. La Mezcla
B1. La Mezcla (Dub)

note: "Michel Cleis' "La Mezcla" keeps the fire burning in the South American wilderness. The tune unfolds in a cinematic expanse that crescendos in three parts. It begins by building a lush bed of percussive flora, including ominous rattlesnake shakers, then elegantly withdrawing in order to introduce a mindlessly hypnotic pan flute riff, under which the drums swell once more. Then in part three, yes, it's another stirring Latin folk-dance vocal, a female lead with some gentlemen on backup, painting the dream of some hot Saturday night in a decadent cabana, hidden deep in the forest. In full swing the tune's an impassioned burner, trippy and exciting, and over the course of twelve minutes it doesn't lose an ounce of steam, offering up more than one good lose-your-shit squall. The flipside dub is equally solid, showcasing dizzying drum layers, adding an extra rolling bass, gearshifting midway for a sudden flute loop burst." - William Rauscher.

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