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Emptyset - Doxa EP [2008, vinyl, caravan recordings]

may 2008
lbl: Caravan Recordings
#: CVAN003
hubscale: corundum [9.0]



Emptyset - James Ginzburg & Paul Purgas.

note: "Emptyset’s “Doxa EP,” is the third release on Ginzburg and October’s Caravan Recordings, which slots in somewhere alongside imprints like Apple Pips and 3024. That is to say somewhere between techno and dubstep, although Caravan hews more closely to a techno or minimal style than its peers. Written with Paul Purgas, it’s definitely Emptyset’s strongest material yet. High production values unite the EP, as does a clever interplay between beats and melody which sees them coquettishly refrain from appearing side by side for too long. (When you’re going this stripped down, who needs both?) “Episteme” is the looser of the tracks, the one closer to dubstep. All of its elements sound a touch off-kilter in a pleasing way, but they never quite come together in the way that, say, Villalobos’ more unhinged productions do. “Endoxa,” the A-side, is more successful, with a wicked tautness calling to mind some of the darker stuff to come from the Berghain camp recently, but at the same time retains a whiff of slovenly bass. These make for strange bedfellows, but in a way that’s engaging, not off-putting. This could certainly go down a treat in the right moment in a loud, dark room." - Colin Shields, Little White Earbuds.

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  1. 'invalid link' for me, anyone else?? j

  2. proper. love their self titled l.p. haven't heard techno this good in a long time ..


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