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VA - Sub:Stance Mixed By Scuba [2010, cd, ostgut tonträger]

25 january 2010
lbl: Ostgut Tonträger
mohs hubscale: corundum

1. Sigha - Light Swells (In a Distant Space)
2. Airhead - Paper Street
3. Sigha - Early Morning lights
4. Pangaea - Sunset Yellow
5. Joy Orbison - The Shrew Would Have Cushioned The Blow
6. Shortstuff - See Ya
7. Untold - No-one Likes a Smart Arse
8. Scuba - You Got Me
9. Surgeon - Klonk pt 4
10. DFRNT - Headspace (Scuba's secret mix)
11. AQF - Born and Raised (version)
12. Badawi - Anlan 7
13. Joy Orbison - Hyph Mngo
14. Mount Kimbie - Maybes (James Blake remix)
15. Sigha - Seeing God
16. Ramadanman - Tempest
17. Instra:mental -Voyeur
18. Sigha - Shapes
19. George Fitzgerald - Don't You
20. Scuba - Minerals
21. Shackleton - It's Time For Love
22. Mala - Stand Against War
23. Scuba - Last Stand
24. Joker - Psychedelic Runway
in 1 file.

producer - Paul Rose

note: "Originally from London, he has been at the forefront of the new popularity of this music in Berlin and his DJ sets at each of the parties have provided some of the highlights of series to date. He was therefore an obvious choice for this mix, which across 24 tracks paints a sonic picture of his musical self and that of SUB:STANCE, performed as at the party itself using turntables and a mixer. Including many tracks from artists who have played the party themselves, including Shackleton, Ramadanman and Mala amongst others, the mix takes in all the sonic influences and stylistic techniques that have made Scuba sets at SUB:STANCE special. From the laidback cool of Pangaea, through Surgeon's barely-controlled aggression to Mala's deep meditation, the mix is a true representation of what these parties mean. The mix also features 4 previously unheard tracks from Scuba himself as well as many more exclusive tracks and edits. Scuba is the production and DJ alias of Paul Rose, curator of Hotflush Recordings, one of the original dubstep labels which released some of the most important tracks of the genre's formative period and continues to be a source of constant originality to date."

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