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Miles Sagnia - The Sounds From The Abyss EP [2009, vinyl, aesthetic audio]

9 october 2009
lbl: Aesthetic Audio
#: AES-008
deep house
mohs hubscale: chrysoberyl




note: "[...] The bounce and jazz of opening track "Changes" has moments reminiscent of fine NYC dubs, with a blissful, restrained Chicago jack. The subtle afrobeat and playful musicality of "Soulhive"—to the ultra deep pound of "Relativity"—Sounds of the Abyss plays like careful picks from a deep house enthusiast's record collection.

For fans of Keith Worthy's own releases, Patrice Scott, Fred P et al., this EP is a must-have, not just because it's right up there with some of their releases, but because it presents a slightly different perspective, one that sits not in Detroit, New York or in mainland Europe—but in the UK." - Macdonald Ali.

travelling miles

buy it here. [discogs]

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