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Skudge - Convolution / Contamination [2010, vinyl, skudge records]

5 february 2010
lbl: Skudge Records
#: SKUDGE 001
dub techno, techno, house
beryl [7.8]

A. Convolution
B. Contamination

note: "Not much is yet known about the Skudge label, but that'll probably end soon. The young Swedish imprint's debut 12-inch ticks all the right boxes: Dance floor-friendly, just weird enough to stand out and an anonymous producer at the helm. What's not to like? Especially considering the music: "Convolution" somehow effortlessly merges dub techno and loopy Mannheim house into a coherent package, dropping a repeated vocal sample directly into an upbeat cloud of smoky 4/4 beats. There's a reason it's been charted by the likes of headfuck techno man Samuli Kemppi, Remote Area compatriot Boris Werner, Echocord boss Kenneth Christiansen, Tresor resident Suzi Wong and slow motion house man Cottam. 

"Contamination" isn't quite a crossover gem like the flip. The way it reworks dub techno fundamentals, however, is equally as engaging. Jettisoning the vocal sample for a melody that seems to be built from someone quickly waving their hand in front of an air vent, there's no lack of fascinating sounds on offer. There's a bit less grooviness. "Contamination"'s raw beat hits and hits again with little variation. Criticizing its lack of swing, though, only serves to highlight the quality on hand. Skudge is clearly a label to keep an eye on. " - 
Terry Fonseca.

buy it here. [€ 8.49]

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