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Mesak - School Of Mesak [2010, vinyl, harmönia]

30 january 2010
lbl: Harmönia
#: HRMN-11
electronic, hip-hop
wonky, skweee, chiptune, abstract, experimental
beryl [7.8]

a1. Enter The Jargon
a2 Omega Jam
a3. Skip I / Plup
a4. Silversand
a5. Passion Of The Geist
b1. Virgins Of Bergen
b2. Sly Filmfestival (Sotchi Montage)
b3. Skip II / Subdada
b4. Normal Brain Tribute
b5. B. Detented

producer: Tatu Metsätähti

note: "Original Skweee Gee, Tatu Metsätähti aka Mesak presents his debut album of concatenated electro-autistics for Harmonia. 'School Of Mesak' is an exemplary tutorial in the art of Skweee beat building, using the tightest of ingredients to make bare bones riddimic contortions that ooze funk from every pore. In a similar manner to Disrupt's digi-dub productions, Mesak's electroid spasms are incredibly efficient, sticking to his themes, but morphing forward with every bar to keep opening kinks in the repetition. The brilliant 'Omega Jam' is a case in point, clasping the riddim with nimble fingers to rearrange it rubiks cube style until we arrive at the solution. Perhaps even more pertinently, the dubbed out 'Passion Of The Geist' merges the two disciplines beauitfully, while 'Virgins Of Bergen' lays back into an electro-funk groove with an inimitable sense of micro-funk. And just in case you thought Skweee was all about shoddy lo-fi values, check the dynamic range of cuts like 'Normal Brain Tribute' or 'ByteBurger' for some rich sonic detailing. We're not saying Skweee has matured (god forbid), but it's definitely learning something at school. " - boomkat.

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