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Sog - Abweichung [2010, vinyl, profan]

22 february 2010
lbl: Profan
#: PROFAN 32
minimal, experimental
iridium [6.5]

A1. Abweichung 1 
A2. Abweichung 2
A3. Abweichung 3
B. Abweichung 4

producer: Wolfgang Voigt

note: "Abweichung (die) n. aberrance, wandering from the correct path, going astray, deviation from what is normal. Wolfgang Voigt could have likely named plenty of tracks "Abweichung" before the release of this EP, which sees the Kompakt boss kickstarting the Profan imprint once again after a nearly 18-month layoff. Freiland Klaviermusik, the last 12-inch to see the light of day on the label, was just as confrontational to audiences accustomed to at least a semblance of dance floor utility from the legendary producer. But Profan has also been a home to the more abstract edges of techno, and the title seems oddly appropriate for these four tracks. Each seem to revel in their inflexibility, winding through their relatively short length—only one track reaches above four minutes—by investing in the power of a brutal kick and varied samples. [...]" - Sam Louis, RA.

buy it here. [£9.99]

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  1. I dont usually comment but I am so disgusted by this release . I dont care who produced it . It just sounds so "stiff" and lifeless. These artists were at their prime when they werent aware what people thought of them and they felt they had something to prove. .. This just sounds like he was trying too hard to merge the early 90s "Cologne" sound with the modern "minimal" style and even put a little 'dubstep' atmosphere in there....... FAIL !!!!!!!!!!!!


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