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Rob.Bardini - New Perspectives EP [2010, vinyl, eclipsemusic]

10 february 2010
lbl: Eclipsemusic
#: eclipse003
dub techno, deep house
topaz [8.0]

A. Through Together
B. New Perspectives

note: "Roberto Bardini is a deep techno producer from Turin (ITA). He’s amongst the few enlightened producer/djs who “declared independence” from the current minimal-techno mainstream. His musical approach is by all means deep, and through this he casts his vision of a more mature and alternative dancefloor.
Well known alongside labels such as Shyan Music and Plastic City, in 2007 starts a collaboration with Eclipsemusic and this is his second apparence named “New Perspectives EP” features a slow-motion deep house vibes especially “Through Together” amazing synth texture running on pads pattern in classic Rob’s style deep as the ocean, music with soul and appropriate track for sunset landscapes and beach time dancing, the titletrack “New Perspective” is more techno oriented production with dub style chords and raw clipped bass, a new form of dub techno music better for dancefloor situations. Rob confirms himself as a innovative deep man walking!
make your order!" - label.

buy it here. [£ 7.99]

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