środa, marca 03, 2010

Vibracathedral Orchestra - Smoke Song [2010, vinyl, vhf records]

lbl: VHF Records
#: VHF#121
experimental, psychedelic
7.3 [tourmaline]

A1. Smoke Song
A2. Cholita Maria
B. Get It? Got It... Good!

Julian Bradley, Neil Campbell, Bridget Hayden, Adam Davenport, Michael Flower

note: "The ever-mysterious Vibracathedral Orchestra returns from another relatively quiet period with an uncompromising set of outré jams on a trio of limited-edition LPs ("Joka Baya", "The Secret Base" and "Smoke Song". Slightly reorganized around a line-up of stalwarts Mick Flower and Adam Davenport with frequent collaborators John Godbert (Total) and John Moloney (Sunburned Hand Of The Man), the band here stretches way, way out over these six sides.

"Smoke Song"'s more gentle exposition starts with Davenport's santoor (a type of hammered dulcimer) leading the band into a lengthy mid-tempo groove on "Smoke Song", followed on the second half of the side by the short, quiet "Cholita Maria". The second side's 17-minute "Get It?" lays down the tremolo and phase in a manner reminiscent of the best Spacemen 3 comedowns, taking a pulse and riding it into organ - and percussion-fuelled bliss."

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