piątek, marca 05, 2010

F - Energy Distortion [2010, cd, 7evenrecordings]

short film by beeple-crap.com

march 2010
lbl: 7even Recordings
#: 7EVENCD01
beryl [7.8]

1. Intro
2. Shift
3. Poka
4. Energy Distortion
5. Another Place
6. 0907
7. See The Light
8. Forever
9. Hologram
10. On The Corner
11. Chillin'
12. Spacewalker
13. Perspectives

producer: Florent Aupetit

note: "If you haven’t heard anything from this label yet, I highly recommend doing so NOW. 7EVEN has released some brilliant techno-dubstep crossover material by the likes of F and Helixir over the last year, for fans of Headhunter and 2562."

[fixed / 10 march 2010]

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  1. I was not aware at all that Mr. Aupetit was preparing us an album... Thanks a lot for the upload!


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