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Shellac - At Action Park [1994, cd, touch and go]

24 october 1994
lbl: Touch And Go
#: TG141CD
math rock, post-punk, alternative rock, noise rock
corundum [9.0]

1. My Black Ass
2. Pull The Cup
3. The Admiral
4. Crow
5. Song Of The Minerals
6. A Minute
7. The Idea Of North
8. Dog And Pony Show
9. Boche's Dick
10. Il Porno Star

Bass [Mass] - Bob Weston
Drums [Time] - Todd Trainer 
Guitar [Velocity] - Steve Albini 
Other [Pyrotechnics] - Corey Rusk 
Technician [Chef] - Iain Burgess 
Technician [Coffee] - Peter Diemel 
Technician [Driver] - John Loder

note: "Abrasive, arty, nasty, noisy, innovative and unique, Shellac are proof that there is still massive scope for experimentation and carving out new sounds with a standard guitar, bass, drums lineup in the indie-rock format. At Action Park is simultaneously interesting, difficult, catchy and just plain fun. In terms of musicianship, At Action Park has a lot to offer and sonically, you're unlikely to hear anything else quite like it." - sputnik music.

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  1. A surprise album on your blog, it's very good though :)


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