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Scuba - Triangulation [2010, cd, hotflush recordings]

rel. date: 22 march 2010
lbl: Hotflush Recordings
#: HFCD003
carborundum [9.3]
pass: nodata.tv

1. Descent
2. Latch
3. Three Sided Shape
4. Minerals
5. On Deck
6. Before
7. Tracers
8. You Got Me
9. So You Think You´re Special
10. Heavy Machinery
11. Glance
12. Lights Out

producer: Paul Rose

note: "The collision of dubstep and techno has produced startling music from a wide range of producers in the last few years, none more than Scuba, and that has been well documented. But Triangulation moves past the dubstep/techno axis and into new territory. Working at multiple tempos, the album covers an area ranging from house to experimental drum n bass while retaining the Scuba sound that has become so distinctive."

[fixed / 22 march 2010]

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  1. Great album.. and when I listened to it the other day I didn't really notice it was a promo as there's no huge screaming voice in there

  2. any chance of new link? this one is dead

  3. link dead... any chance of a re-up

  4. Please stop posting pre-released material.

  5. please keep posting pre-released material

  6. Fantastic Album! Glad to see it get a 9.3 rating.


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