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Shaun Reeves, Guti, Pupkulies & Rebecca - Hold Me Tight [2010, file, wolf + lamb music]

22 march 2010
lbl: Wolf + Lamb Music
#: WLM09
deep house
beryl [7.8]

1.   Pupkulies & Rebekah – Hold Me Tight (Shaun Reeves & Guti Remix)
2.   Shaun Reeves & Guti – Saudade

note: "The visionary project on everyone’s lips, Wolf + Lamb, unveil a new collaboration from Shaun Reeves & Guti with the heartwarming ‘Hold Me Tight’ EP. Bookmarked by the summer landscape of Berlin and inspired by good memories of their recent introduction, these two sincere and momentous creations were conceived in a new collaboration between Shaun Reeves and Guti. “Guti and I met in Miami last March and decided that we get along really well,” explained Shaun Reeves. In fact Guti tattooed both Shaun’s and Seth Troxler’s names on his arms at that rst meeting, perhaps an early indicator of comradery and shared spirit. “We got together again in Berlin not too long after that and that’s when we made the Hold Me Tight remix.” Originally penned for a defunct German label, the remix of Popkullies & Rebekahbecame a dance oor bomb for Gadi & Zev AKA Wolf & Lamb, who picked it up as soon as they could for release on the New York based imprint. A playful remix - as much for its snappy bass and sharp snares as for the integral hums and contented vocal – it sets free a upbeat and vivacious style from these two producers. Contrastingly ‘Saudade’ takes a more sombre route, with Guti playing lively staccato and solo jazz- infused piano to create a warm melodic ensemble. Shaun Reeves is one of the new Detroit ma a rising from the techno birthplace alongside Seth Troxler, Ryan Crosson (both his roommates in Berlin) and Lee Curtiss, whose talent and shared party spirit came to the attention of the masses in 2009. Part of the core Wolf + Lamb family, Shaun demonstrates a awless passion for exploring the boundaries of electronic music. Guti began to discover his musical passion as a jazz pianist, before becoming a rock star in his home of Argentina when a young, wild and free spirit. With signi cant releases laid down on Locodice’s Desolat label and forthcoming on a series of proli c imprints, he has become a key Latin-American talent worth paying attention to." - phonomonkey.


buy it here. [wolf + lamb records, files]

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