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Delano Smith & Norm Talley - Constellation / Detroit 2-Step [2009, vinyl, sushitech]

25 november 2009
lbl: Sushitech
#: SUSH04.4
deep house
chrysoberyl [8.5]

A1. Delano Smith  - Constellation
B2. Norm Talley  - Detroit 2-Step

note: "Two legends from the school of Detroit house music are assigned to opposite sides of a marbled grey vinyl 10" for SushiTech. It's a sharp departure from the label's usual fare, but one we defintely won't argue with when the cuts are this deep. Original Detroit DJ, Delano Smith gives up the deep house throb of 'Constellation' on the A-side, driving out an elegantly poised and blue hued groover in his fine stye, but the real gem lies in Norm Talley's 'Detroit 2-step' on the flip. The smudged interplay of elliptical gypsy guitar loops, twinkling piano and mournful clarinet is just beautiful, added to a kicking bass roll and flayed hi-hats for an absolute winners groove. Limited copies only, tipped for all fans of fine Detroit gear and the more avant side of dudes like Jus-Ed, UR and the UQ crew!"

[fixed / 28 march 2010, 4shared]

buy it here. [Rush Hour Store,  €8.99]

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  1. thank you again for all your hard work.

    track a is corrupt though.


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