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Clara Moto - Polyamour [2010, cd, infiné]

april 2010
lbl: Infiné
#: iF1008
minimal techno, ambient, downtempo, house, deep house
beryl [7.8]

1. Emory Bortz
2. Alma
3. Deer And Fox
4. Glove Affair
5. Song Of Exhaustion And Ivory
6. Goodnight Twilight
7. Joy Of My Heart
8. Threeminutes (Revisited)
9. Silently (Video Edit)
10. Take A Second
11. The Opposite Is Also Wrong

producer: Clara Prettenhofer

note: "Polyamour, which means to love different things simultaneously is the perfect name for the album because all the tracks on it are very emotive and carry this ethereal commonality between them. I would describe the album as trippy, ambient house music that deserves an in depth listen to fully grasp the amount of work and talent that went into this piece of art. Polyamour is a true headphone listening experience. Listening to them on your computer speakers won’t do you justice becasue her production work is so layered and deep. At the root of most of her tracks are deep house beats that kick you into gear and keep you locked in. Next she adds sub bass and synth parts in syncopated, repetitive patterns with tons of reverb/delay to give you the meat of the track. Least not forget the uplifting vocal melodies, courtesy of Mimu. When all these elements are combined you have an album that is different and unique.
Some highlights from the album include “Deer and Fox”, a track that has this soulful house vibe to it (I think it is the stand out track on the album), “Song for Exhaustion” which is a contemplative track that sounds like raindrops falling on gloomy day, and “Silently” which has this really dope bassline from beginning to end.
No matter what track you listen to, Polyamour is sure to take you on a sonic roller coaster ride that transports you out of your body and into your mind." - Boom Boom Chik.

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