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Ryo Murakami - Lunch Of God [2010, vinyl, quintessentials]

22 march 2010
lbl: Quintessentials
#: quintessentials 12
deep house, house
beryl [7.8]

A1. Lunch Of God
A2. Depths
B. Lunch Of God (Scott Ferguson Remix)

note: "We are happy to present our first japanese artist on Quintessentials, Ryo Murakami. Ryo is no stranger to the scene, as he already released a bunch of records on respected labels like Dessous, Pokerflat or soon on Mule Musique. The main track "lunch of god" is a deep, raw and reduced house track with a strong US flavour and was already featured in Jus'Ed's Underground Quality radio show. Ryo takes it even further with reducing - the result is "depths", a basic kickin techno track. The flipside offers the more than 11 minutes long "lunch of god" remix by house master Scott Ferguson. The Ferris Park maestro keeps things close to the original but adds more club feel plus a superb lil bonus track of his own." - the label.

buy it here. [Phonica, £ 7.99]

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