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Erobique - Endorphinmachine [2008, vinyl, mirau]

15 december 2008
lbl: Mirau
#: MIRAU007
disco, house
topaz [8.0]

A. Endorphinmachine
B. Arf Patzo

producer: Carsten Meyer

note: "Meyer is sluggish. He eyes me venomously from behind puffy lids. Leave him alone with my DJ shit, I make out from his inebriate slur. All I had wanted was to bring around the test-pressing of his new 12-inch, “Endorphinmachine” that I am releasing on my label, Mirau, in September. Squeezing the entire, magnificent 12 minutes of these two tracks (Endorphinmachine / Arf Patzo) out of him seemed at times a Sisyphean task. Disconnected telephones, nocturnal taxi odysseys across entire states, physical assaults and broken joints were enough to push even me closer to the quagmire of selfabandonment than to my ultimate goal of finally bringing out a new Erobique maxi. The gleam has almost gone from Carsten Meyer’s eyes. He is one of the best and most dangerous live entertainers in disco. "

buy it here. [wordandsound, distributor]

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