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Fluxion - Perfused [2010, cd, echocord]

8 march 2010
lbl: Echocord
#: echocord cd07
dub techno
orthoclase [6.0]

01. Horizons
02. Waves
03. Tantalizer
04. Inflection
05. Wabbler
06. Elation
07. Fluctuations
08. Inductance
09. Perfuse

producer: Konstantinos Soublis

note: "This is the fifth album by Fluxion, a name you'll know from Chain Reaction, Basic Channel and Maurizio labels. On this new album "Perfused", as the title implies, the sounds are liquid. Bending, turning, blending, streaming, forming and at the end grooving in a unique way. Moving into the future with steady dub beats. The opening "Horizons", brings on a warm slow dub feeling and as it moves through time and space, it creates music phrases that are never repeating, unveiling a breath of fresh sounds. "Waves" is a pulsating dub atmospheric dance track. Dub questions and answers. "Tantalizer", a dried out track, mechanical, organical. "Inflection", a cyclic dub minimal track. "Wabbler", a live track recorded in one take, a journey back to the influences of dub. "Elation", a track full of energy. Slowly building up, in the fluxion way, always revealing some new stream of sound that comes to surface. A strong dance track, that moves the listeners both body and mind. "Fluctuations", slow building up, atmospheric minimal track, "Inductance" atmospheric sound patterns slowly combined, creating an emotional futuristic track. "Perfuse" is a pulsating slow dub track. The sound patterns emerge steadily, to form one stream. One organic movement."

[fixed / 12 march]

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