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Alva Noto - For 2 [2010, cd, line / 12k]

march 2010 [collects music made between 2003 and 2008]
lbl: LINE [Line is a division of 12k]
#: LINE_044
minimal, ambient, field recording, experimental, avant-garde, drone
carborundum [9.3]

1. Garment
2. Villa Aurora
3. Pax
4. Argonaut
5. Stalker
6. Sonolumi
7. Interim
8. T3
9. Early Winter
10. Anthem Berlin
11. Ans
12. Argonaut-Version

producer: Carsten Nikolai [DE]

note: "A second album of dedications from Carsten Nicolai, once again presented by 12k offshoot label Line. Perhaps reflective of how varied this artist's output has become over recent years 'For 2' represents an incredibly broad range of styles and approaches, though the music always manages to retain the all-important sonic signatures unique to the Alva Noto sound. Over the past decade or so Nicolai's music has transcended the hyper-minimal rhythmic motifs that defined so much of his early work, exploring the possibilities of collaboration, live instrumentation and reconstituted orchestral ambience among other things. Accordingly, on For 2 (which collects music made between 2003 and 2008) you can expect surely the most expansive repertoire of sounds than has ever been gathered for a single Alva Noto album, something that's in-keeping with the diverse set of dedications - works for Russian filmmaker Andrei Tarkovsky, fellow minimalist composer Phill Niblock, industrial designer Dieter Rams and dramatist Heiner Muller are all included, prompting greatly diverging works from Nicolai."

[fixed / 28 march 2010, 4shared]

buy it here. [Boomkat, £7.99]

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  1. thank you very much! great album but #12 is corrupted.

  2. yes, track 12 is corrupted.
    thanks for your work!

  3. wielkie dzięki za post!


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